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&R Ventures provides strategic, operational and financial advisory services to emerging and micro-cap companies

We deliver a dynamic combination of leadership, managerial expertise and equity growth by mentoring and working closely with Fortune 100 companies as well as with entrepreneurial and successful high growth early stage companies.

R&R concentrates efforts in sectors of the economy where our senior advisors have counseled hundreds of companies and established a broad network of strategic and investor relationships. We position our clients with the right combination of investors relative to complex stages of growth, risk, timing, market size, industry, financial partners, debt and equity. Our grounding and level of connectivity in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Europe is extensive.

We offer clients seasoned judgment and perspective-based strategies for success, based on many years of operating and managing in both up as well as down business cycles. We have particular expertise in clean technology, high tech (hardware and software), manufacturing, financial services, branded media, payments, and real estate.

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